Find out what makes AMPLIFY so valuable

In today’s competitive landscape of digital products, if you are not growing, you’re failing.

Amplify, an annual conference by Amplitude explores the craft of building digital products for growth. At this event, you will meet product leaders from all industries and learn how the companies who are truly building for growth win and keep customers.

The People

Product and growth teams from all industries, big and small, come together at Amplify to learn about the craft of building and growing products.

The Content

A hand-picked lineup of keynote speakers will give you an honest look into product development at scale. Learn from the leaders of data-informed product development.

The Network

Whether you lead a Product, Marketing or Data Science team, at Amplify you’ll meet folks you can connect with and learn from.

"I’m very excited to meet other data leaders with similar ideas at Amplify and hear about their struggles, strategies and future plans."

Analytics Architect, IBM Cloud

Connect with top brands

Amplify is attended by notable brands and offers networking opportunities to spur inspiration, education, and lasting connections.